VLEDS - Amber High Power 360° 14 LED 194 - Side Marker Front Bulb

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Ridiculous amber output combined with an even spread of light makes this bulb ideal in parking light applications. It has 12 radial-firing 0.1W Phosphor Coated LED's that fire into the chrome reflectors of the lamp assembly and 2 forward-firing 0.1W Phosphor Coated LED to fill out the front of the lens.

As one of the few all-aluminum construction 194 bulbs on the market, these are the highest output and safest available. Phosphor Coated amber LED chips are brighter than standard amber chips and allow the light to be seen even in direct sunlight.

High Power 360° light pattern
Aluminum CNC machined heat sink with flexible PCB for optimal thermal performance
CC Driver Constant current driver ensures reliability even with voltage fluctuations (as opposed to resistors that fail)
Molded Base Plastic base that fits perfectly in factory sockets
Proprietary Color specific chips that match all other VLEDS LED bulbs

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