Spotter Mirror - With BSM - Toyota Tacoma (2016-2023), 4Runner (2022-2023)

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For 2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma w/BSM (Blind Spot Monitoring).


  • The two wires for heat/defrost are not polarity specific
  • We provide 2 wire extensions with each mirror to make the install a bit easier but they are not required
  • Connector plug for BSM has to be fully inserted until the clip is engaged
  • There are many posts on Tacoma world and other forums of people getting errors messages: “BSM not available” or “Check BSM system”. Search for "tacoma blind spot monitor problems"
  • Those errors are not uncommon even on trucks with very few miles. They are typically caused by dirty BSM sensors which are located on the inside left and right of the rear bumper. Cleaning any dirt from the sensors usually restores proper operation.


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