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It's been said, 'Go big, or go home!'. And we tend to agree. So we took the regular size tire storage bag and supersized it for longer trips and bigger storage capacity. Now you can carry more trash or more of the gear you don't want inside your vehicle.

The tire storage bag XL easily attaches to your spare tire with the tire mount kit which allows for quick, convenient removal as needed. Built for rough roads, and the brutality of the elements, this trail-worthy pack will upgrade your overall storage capacity - like an external hard drive for your real life off-road!

We recommend no more than 50 lbs (22.5kg) of garbage or gear and no more than 2 bundles of firewood.

Product hardware may vary.

Product features:

  • Made of rugged vinyl-coated polyester truck tarp.
    • Load-bearing mil-spec MOLLE webbing straps support the weight of the bag.
      • An ideal place to store extra gear or can be used as a trash bag.
        • Easily detaches from the tire mount system to dispose of trash.
          • Mesh pockets on three sides accommodate small item storage.
            • Velcro platform for ID panels or morale patches.
              • Paracord drawstring on either side cinches the bag down.
                • Mounts with the BROG tire mount kit (fits up to a 35" tire).
                  • Modular design works with the smaller BROG tire storage bag .
                    • Dimensions | 30 x 20 x 10".

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