upTOP Overland - KILO Double-Cab Roof Rack - Toyota Tacoma (2024+)

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This isn’t just a roof rack, it’s a mind set.

It should be USEFUL.

  • There are a few mainstays that you need to take with you on your adventure. Being able to transport those items safely shouldn’t be a hassle.

It should be ADAPTABLE.

  • Expanding the capabilities of your roof rack as you push further off the grid should be simple. Light bars, scenePODS, and grab handles are easy to install when you decide it’s time to add them.

It should be AFFORDABLE.

  • With thoughtful design, carefully selected materials, and efficient manufacturing practices, we can produce a roof rack in which everyone can see value.

How it’s made:

  • 3D Modeled for an exact fit.
  • Laser cut for precision components.
  • Powder coated for durability.

What it’s made of:

  • 5052 aluminum body.
  • 5052 aluminum adaptive wind screen.
  • Carbon steel mounting feet.
  • Carbon steel cross bars.

Do I have to drill holes to install it?

Not only do you NOT have to drill any holes, but the rack can be assembled on the vehicle by yourself in under an hour with basic hand tools.

Does it have a warranty?

The Kilo roof rack has the same lifetime and no-hassle warranty as all the other upTOP overland products.

Do I have to pick a special windscreen to add a light bar?

Like its big brother, the Zulu, your Kilo roof rack has our proprietary adaptive wind screen that can be assembled with or without a light bar at any time and provide a noise free experience in either configuration.*

If you want to mount an upTOP 38" light bar or any single row light bar up to 40" you will need to purchase an upTOP Universal Light Bar mounting kit that can be found under the "Additional Products" tab.

How much weight will it hold?

All Kilo roof racks will safely carry and transport 250 pounds when the vehicle is moving (dynamic) and 850 pounds when the vehicle is stopped (static)when weight loads are properly secured and evenly distributed by user. Dynamic weight rating is for trail use.

How much height does it add to my vehicle?

All Kilo roof racks sit level just above your factory shark fin antenna to protect the antenna from damage while keeping the additional height at or under .375” (9.5mm).

So what’s the catch?

There isn’t one. We’ve built our company from the ground up to produce a quality product that is useful, adaptable, and affordable. Designed, tested, and manufactured in Colorado with locally sourced materials, we stand behind the Kilo with the same confidence we’ve had since 2019 with the original Alpha the day we planted our flag.

*Additional brackets may be required for proper mounting of some light bars, sold separately.

Fitment: 2024+ Toyota Tacoma Double Cab.

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