upTOP Overland - Zulu Roof Rack - Toyota 4Runner (2009-2023)

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This radical new design features the first large scale production stainless steel roof rack body in the industry for an unbelievably rigid frame hell bent on keeping all of your overland gear at the ready without vibration, flex, or added noise to your expedition.

Using advanced 3D modeling, stress analysis, and an array of design software the fit, finish, and quality of the ZULU rack is in a class all its own.

Featuring an adaptive wind screen that is both sleek and silent you can make choices on lighting that mesh with your adventurous nature. All ZULU racks have a removable front panel that allows you to add up to a 40 inch light bar of your choice and mounting could not be easier. Each rack leaves upTOP's facility with a set of custom formed stainless steel brackets and a hardware kit that allowing easy integration of a wide range of light bar brands.

Each roof rack is factory ready for the optional scenePOD side lighting allowing you to illuminate the camp site and trail at all four corners with an integrated appearance that is anything but an afterthought. The hand made quickWIRE harnesses are easily added to the ZULU for a plug and play wiring solution that keeps you out of expensive work shops by letting you do the installation yourself. That means more money in your pocket and more time on the trail.

In order to maximize the load capacity and rigidity of the roof rack on the Toyota 5G 4Runner this installation requires adding additional mounting points near the front of the vehicle, a process which requires drilling and the installation of specialized fasteners. No special tools are required for completing the task and in installation kit is provided with each ZULU roof rack to make the step as seamless as possible. This modification is required due to a lack of factory mounting locations at the front of the vehicle.

If you intend to utilize an awning or shower on your ZULU roof rack please see the line of Rapid Release brackets for ZULU roof racks. ZULU roof racks are not compatible with the upTOP Shade brackets or similar products.

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