VLEDS - 5500K White 50 LED 7440

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Great Value + Amazing Performance Don't be fooled by it's size, our 50 LED bulb packs a big punch! With its simple direct replacement design and strategic LED placement to replicate the filament location the output and functionality will surprise you.

DRL and Reverse Only This bulb is for single filament applications only. It will not have a "low mode". For turn signals please see our Amber or Switchback listings.

Key features:

  • Finish: High quality plated aluminum finish.
  • Reliable: Machined aluminum heat sink body with flexible PCB for optimal thermal performance.
  • Compact: Overall size is much smaller than most LED bulbs to ensure there are no fitment or clearance issues.
  • Engineered base: Designed by us so fits perfectly in all factory sockets.
  • Contacts: Gold plated flat blade contacts for better conductivity.
  • Pure white: 5500 kelvin is the purest white color temperature available. There is no yellow or blue tint to the light output and has a very neutral tone which blends well with either 5K or 6K colors.


  • Base number: 7440
  • Series: 50
  • Operating voltage: 12-18V
  • Light source: 4014 proprietary chip
  • Chip quantity: 50
  • Driver style: Constant current
  • Dimensions; 20mm x 39 mm
  • Contact material: Flat gold plated copper
  • Compatible bases: 7440, 7441, 992, 7440ST, 7440AL, 7440LL, 7440A
  • Color temp: 5500K pure white

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