VLEDS - White High Power 360° 14 LED 57 BA9S

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360° Long Life (LL) Great performance combined with an even spread of light makes this bulb perfect for nearly all applications. It has 12 radial-firing 3014 LED's that fire into the chrome reflectors of the lamp assembly and 2 forward-firing 3014 LED's to fill out the front of the lens.

Unrivaled As one of the few all-aluminum construction 57 base bulbs on the market these are the highest output and safest available.

Key features:

  • Aluminum: CNC machined heat sink with flexible PCB for optimal thermal performance.
  • CC Driver: Constant current driver ensures reliability even with voltage fluctuations (as opposed to resistors that fail).
  • Metal base: OEM quality metal base designed for a perfect fit in factory sockets.
  • Proprietary: Color specific chips that match all other VLEDS 3014 LED bulbs.


  • Base number: 57
  • Series: High Power
  • Output: 90LM
  • Current draw @ 14.4V: 0.075A
  • Operating voltage: 12-18V
  • Light source: 3014 Proprietary chip
  • Chip quantity: 14
  • Driver style: Constant current
  • Dimensions: 12mm x 25.5mm
  • Contact material: Nickel plated
  • Compatible bases: 57, BA9s, 51, 1896, 586,1889, 64115, 1895, 6253, 182, 1445, 756, 17053, 64113, 3893, 1893, 363, 216, 1816, 64111, 3886X, 1892, 1815, 53X, 1891, 53, 293, 1895A, 57LL, 53LL, 1445LL, 1895LL, 1893LL, 3893LL, 1891LL, 1816LL

Which color should I choose?

Color temperature is primarily a style choice, but the human eye does perceive a whiter light as being brighter. The image below shows a side by side comparison of our three choices. We offer 5000K, 5500K, and 6000K color options. 5000K is natural white, 5500K is pure white, and 6000K is white with a tint of blue. Ultimately it's up to you depending on your lighting goals. The higher Kelvin number DOES NOT mean the output will be higher in fact, it is quite the opposite. The higher you go in the Kelvin scale the lower the output.

Will the color match my off-brand LED bulbs?

It's nearly impossible to get an EXACT match in color temperature because of variations in the manufacturing of LED products. The only way to make sure that you get the best match between products is to purchase all your LEDs from us as we have the highest standards in color temperature accuracy.

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