Rugged Reinforcement – The R4T High-Clearance Hybrid Front Bumper for Lexus GX470

A low profile, high clearance, hybrid front bumper for your Lexus GX 470.

Off-roading comes with it's own set of challenges, and modifying your vehicle to match the challenges of off road driving is an essential part of that lifestyle. The right front bumper can be the difference between a smooth ride through rugged terrain or a costly repair job. For Lexus GX470 owners, navigating the treacherous off-road trails just became a whole lot smoother with the R4T Hybrid High-Clearance Front Bumper. The R4T bumper’s design isn't just about function—it’s about form, too. Its sleek and aggressive design adds an unmistakable look to your Lexus GX470.

High-Clearance and Winch-Ready

The first thing you’ll notice about the R4T bumper is its exceptional ground clearance, which means a better approach angle allowing you can tackle even the most daunting obstacles with ease. Winch compatibility is non-negotiable in the off-road world, and this bumper doesn’t disappoint, with the ability to house a 10k winch securely and effectively.

Light Up the Trail

When night falls, the R4T's integrated fog light bracket shines. Designed to be battle-ready, this fixture allows the use of multiple LED light pods, ensuring you can mount trails lights of your choosing to your heart's desire.

Built Tough For the Toughest

The R4T's construction exudes quality and robustness. Using US-sourced DOM tubing for unparalleled strength, this bumper is a statement of durability. Its ability to absorb and distribute impacts is a result of meticulous engineering, guaranteeing that the bumper can take a hit and keep on going.

DOM: Twice the Strength

The bumper’s construction with authentic DOM tubing, known for being nearly twice as strong as HREW, assures that it can handle the roughest terrain without faltering. Its resistance to bending or cracking at the seam is a testament to its reliability.

Structural Integrity

The frame plates, also constructed from high-quality US-sourced steel, provide a solid foundation. The 1/4-inch thickness ensures they can take on significant impacts and are resistant to corrosion, providing a longevity that matches the strength of the tubing.

Installation Innovation

The thought of mounting a new bumper can be daunting, but the R4T has simplified this process without compromising on the secure fit and aesthetic appeal. We also offer on site installs for our local customers. Call us today to get on the schedule!

Bolt-On Brilliance

We designed the bumper with strategically placed holes in the bumper allow for a near factory-like installation. The R4T bumper does require cutting the factory front bumper, but this is a small price to pay for the immense benefits it brings to your off-road experience. Detailed instructions and visual aids are provided to facilitate a hassle-free installation process.

Powder Coating

Our GX470 bumper is offered in raw metal or powder coated finish. When customers choose to have their bumper powder coated with us they enjoy a discount through our top of the line powder coat partner due to the volume of our business with them. The pristine powder coat finish isn’t just about looks; it’s your bumper’s first line of defense against the elements. It ensures that your bumper can withstand corrosion and maintain its allure for years to come.

Final Verdict

We designed the R4T Hybrid High-Clearance Front Bumper to be a testament to the innovation and dedication of the off-road community and set a new standard in vehicle modification. Whether you're a seasoned off-road veteran or a casual weekend explorer, the R4T hybrid front bumper is a worthy investment that enhances the capabilities and appearance of your Lexus GX470. It's more than a mere accessory; it's a companion for every adventure that awaits you.