The New 2024 Toyota Tacoma...Our First Impressions

We recently ordered the new 2024 Toyota Tacoma through Mountain States Toyota, and according to Mountain States this is actually the first consumer purchased 2024 Toyota Tacoma in the states!

We opted for the TRD Off-Road with the long bed, our decision was fueled by the anticipation of storing more gear and customizing the bed with new parts. In this blog post, we share our first impressions of the 2024 Tacoma, highlighting its design upgrades and unique features.

Exterior Upgrades:

Starting from the front, the 2024 Tacoma boasts upgraded headlights and more aggressive fenders, protruding an additional 2 inches compared to its predecessor. The smaller grill design addresses the preferences of those who found the Tundra's grill overwhelming. The 17-inch TRD wheels add an off-road-tuned flair, featuring a silver lip and black accents.

The exterior is marked by blacked-out emblems, a departure from the traditional chrome handles. The turn signals on the mirrors are smaller, offering a sleeker look. The rear section features a distinctive spoiler integrated into the cab roof assembly, and the rear window is notably compact, leaving us curious about its electronic functionality.

Functional Bed Features:

The long bed proves to be a practical choice, complemented by a unique lip design. Although lacking an automatic tailgate, the bed surprises with features like a 12V outlet, two USB-C ports, and an AC 120V port. The bed lights, now LED, enhance visibility, and the redesigned bed accommodates more storage.

Interior Comfort and Features:

Stepping inside, the Tacoma continues to impress. The key innovation lies in the compact credit card key, offering a sleek alternative for starting the vehicle. The interior features black handles, eight-way adjustable seats, and an array of technology upgrades.

The cabin provides ample legroom, gaining 4 inches in the back seat while sacrificing an inch in the front. However, tall individuals might find the headroom a bit restrictive. The interior design incorporates a practical Molly-style storage system, replacing the third-gen flip style.

Technology and Dashboard:

The dashboard is a technological leap forward, featuring a 14-inch screen reminiscent of the Tundra's, with user-friendly controls. The digital cluster, complete with adaptive cruise control, a compass, and heated steering wheel options, provides a modern and functional interface. The Tacoma also introduces a credit card-sized key, offering convenient access.

Under the Hood:

Beneath the hood lies a four-cylinder I-Force turbocharged engine, promising comparable horsepower to the 3.5 V6 but boasting significantly more torque. Despite lacking hood struts, the engine bay design allows for easy access and potential upgrades. The absence of a cover and the use of plastic for the valve cover may be points of contention.

Off-Road Potential:

The 2024 Tacoma exhibits off-road readiness with features like beefier lower control arms, Bilstein shocks with piggyback reservoirs, and skid plates for added protection. Removable pieces for mounting roof racks and accommodating larger tires hint at the customization potential for off-road enthusiasts.


Our initial encounter with the 2024 Toyota Tacoma has left us eager to delve into its capabilities and embark on a customization journey. As we plan to document the entire build process, stay tuned for more insights, tips, and tricks to elevate your Tacoma experience. The 2024 Tacoma promises innovation, functionality, and a canvas for personalization in the ever-evolving landscape of off-road adventures.