4th Gen Tacoma Products- What Is Available So Far?

So you bought a 2024 4th Gen Tacoma and are wondering what you can do to it. Adding extra capability to your truck to better be prepared for the trails is important and we here at Runnin4Tacos want to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. As such, we have compiled a list of our favorite 4th Gen Tacoma upgrades available right now. 


One of the first mods we make to any of our vehicles is suspension. Currently both King Shocks and Icon Vehicle Dynamics both offer full suspension kits for the 4th Gen Tacoma. We love both these brands and run them on our vehicles. Both of these brands are known for their exceptional quality and durability.  King Shocks currently offers a 2.5” list kit while Icon Vehicle Dynamics offers a myriad of lengths of travel. 

Lifting the front of a vehicle with a set of coil-over shocks may be step one in gaining more off-road performance. However, installing just an aftermarket shock can cause limitations without upgrading the Upper Control Arm, too. Our go-to choice for UCAs is Total Chaos. Total Chaos offers upper control arms for the 4th Gen Tacoma, and this new product is representative of the exceptional quality that Total Chaos is known for. Total Chaos upper arms add component durability, add up to 1” of additional wheel travel and allow for individual parts to be replaced, including bushings and uniballs. 

Westcott Designs currently offers preload collar lift kits in both a 2.5” and 1.75” front lift paired with a .75” rear lift option. Preload collar kift kits allow you to to lift your vehicle 1-3 inches, and run larger tires on your truck without altering the factory suspension geometry.  This option does not require aftermarket upper control arms, and allows you to still align your vehicle to factory specs after install.

If you are looking for a top-mount spacer kit to lift your truck, then Peak Suspension has you covered. Peak’s 2-Piece Trail Kit allow you to achieve a 2.25” front lift with the option of lifting the rear either 1” or 2” to level out your truck. This kit is CNC machined billet aluminum with an anodized coating that does not require cutting or grinding and can allow you to run 35” tires on your 4th Gen Tacoma depending, of course, on your wheel offset and true tire size. 


Protecting your vehicle while off-roading is a non-negoiatable for us at Runnin4Tacos. Currently CBI and Cali Raised both offer options for protecting your new 4th Gen Tacoma. 

Front bumpers are essential to a true off-road truck build for 3 reasons. Currently, CBI offers their covert bumper for the 4th Gen Tacoma. This is one of our favorite bumpers because it allows you to maintain your truck’s current look while adding functionality. 

  1. First, to add a winch and recovery points. Stock Tacomas don’t offer a way to mount a winch and adding a CBI Covert bumper allows you to do so. Winches are an essential recovery addition and if you plan on going out on the trails we highly recommend running a winch. 
  2. Second, auxiliary lighting. Bumpers allow you to mount additional lighting to help illuminate the trail at night and in dusty conditions. While the CBI Covert front bumper maintains your factory fog lights you can add a 20” single-row lightbar as well as an additional 6” lightbar to it to help increase your visibility on the trail. 
  3. Finally, protection. The CBI Covert bumper mounts directly to your frame and features a full steel construction. This allows you to conquer trails with confidence and worry less about scratching the underside of your bumper or, worse, losing it to a stray rock. 

Rock sliders help protect your truck while on the trail, allowing you to “slide” over rocks, trees, and steep hills. They can also aid with a “step” to help you get in and out of your truck or to help reach your gear up top on your roof and bed racks. Both CBI and Cali Raised offer options for the 4th Gen Tacoma. 

  • CBI offers both side steps and rock sliders that bolt directly onto your truck. Depending on your needs, their rock sliders come in either HREW or DOM options. 
  • Cali Raised offers a robust Step Edition Rock Slider and a more slimline Trail Edition Rock Slider. Both options are crafted from American 1.75" DOM tubing and have the option to add a kick-out if desired. 

Roof and Bed Racks

Roof and bed racks allow you to add additional gear to your truck. This could be a myriad of things including a roof top tent, extra gear boxes, awnings, and lights. We currently carry options from Prinsu, Cali Raised, RCI and upTOP Overland. 

upTOP overland's Kilo roof rack is their lightest and lowest-profile roof rack and does not require drilling for installation. Made of 5052 aluminum, the Kilo can safely carry and transport 250 pounds when the vehicle is moving and 850 pounds when the vehicle is stopped. 

The Prinsu Pro Cab Rack builds on Prinsu's decade of work. It features a 44% stronger crossbar, no-drill installation, and can carry 700-1200 pounds of gear and accessories. Their pro cab roof rack allows an option for a cutout for a 40” lightbar. 

The Cali Raised Premium Roof Rack is a great choice for the 4th Gen Tacoma. It features a unique adjustable LED wind deflector (ALWD) that protects your LED light bar behind an adjustable fairing when not in use, keeping everything street-legal whenever off the trail.

RCI offers bed racks in several heights to include their Low-Pro Bed Bars, 9″ Bed Bars, 12" HD Bed Rack, and 18" HD Bed Rack. All of these come with several mounting options including a drill free option. All of their racks come with an option for a short or long bed and can hold 750 pounds of equipment. 

Cali Raised Overland Bed Rack allows you to add accessories to your Tacoma bed and comes in low, mid, or high profile heights with lengths for both short and long beds. Although the bed rack only weighs 55 pounds, they are rated to exceed the weight limits of nearly any tent on the market, meaning you don't have to sacrifice strength for weight. 

While the 4th-generation Tacoma is still very new, there are already a ton of great aftermarket options to build yours exactly how you want it. Check out all of our 2024 4th-generation Tacoma products today and start building out your truck for your next adventure. Whatever you choose to add to your truck, we can install it for you right here in our shop.